Maximizing Company Valuation in 2016

In this excellent article from Axial in their FORUM: THE SELLER SERIES, the writer expresses important factors in increasing your company’s valuation during 2016.  Whether you are selling right now or in the critical phases to setting up your company for sell, there are key points that include cleaning up your cash flow, addressing often overlooked value maximizers, to increasing your financial and strategic value.  This article is a must read.



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He understands that no amount of MBA and Ph.D degrees can provide familiarity, the know-how, or the skills to professionally and effectively represent and manage every facet within the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) process, including assisting in the decision process, positioning a company for sale, marketing the company to a specific and targeted market, and most importantly, closing the deal while always recognizing the emotional needs of the owner.