Why Infinity

More than 20 years of M&A experience – Infinity Financial Group Principals have been professionally active for over 25 years and endured several business cycles. The partners have extensive experience in structuring, negotiating, and consummating mergers and acquisitions transactions in a broad spectrum of industries. We continuously hone our skills and integrate best practices to deliver premium valuations. Our experience is not a past we look back on; it’s a base from which we forge ahead. M&A intelligence across several industries – Infinity possesses the insight and expertise to effectively position your business. The firm will address transaction intricacies that may be unique to specific industries. Coupled with the firm’s strategic relationships both in industry and in the private equity community, we have access to top-level decision makers.

High Caliber Professionals Infinity Financial Group has corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions experts, with outstanding academic credentials and impressive work experience to provide clients with superior service. Infinity’s investment bankers offer expertise from a variety of careers, including accounting, commercial banking, law and private equity and apply their unique perspectives and industry knowledge to each deal. Our tenacity is unrivaled and ultimately drives our ability to deliver premium service.

Tenacity Infinity Financial Group works intensely on transactions and does not let up until closing. Where others usually stop, we only begin.

Middle-Market Focus Infinity Financial Group is the best boutique independent mergers and acquisitions advisory firm in the United States focused on the lower middle market. The firm provides a range of mergers and acquisitions services, and understands the particular issues associated with privately held entrepreneurial businesses. In addition, Infinity Financial Group has established relationships with the private equity community and corporate buyers of middle-market businesses.

Mergers and Acquisitions Specialists Infinity Financial Group knows how to achieve maximum value for its clients and how to streamline the execution process. Infinity Financial Group has an unparalleled reputation for its professionalism and for coordinating the entire mergers and acquisitions process to obtain the highest value in the shortest period of time.

Full-Service Advisers Infinity Financial Group manages each step during a sell-side advisory project so that clients can concentrate on their business. Infinity Financial Group prepares quality marketing materials and financial presentations, coordinates due diligence activities, positions companies to attract potential buyers, identifies the most suitable universe of buyers, structures deals to meet the client’s objectives, negotiates contracts and works with legal and accounting advisers to complete a transaction. Infinity Financial Group is categorically committed to working with its clients until a closing, regardless of any unexpected impediments that might surface throughout the process.

Finding the Right Fit There is a lot more to arranging and structuring a sale of the Company than obtaining the highest and best price. No one wants a disruptive process or end result. Where the seller’s legacy is ruined by selling to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. This one item may be as important as the price. Infinity Financial Group has a deep understanding of how to make sure that who you sell to ends up being the right buyer for the right price and structure.

Getting the Deal Closed Finally, closing the deal is the reward for navigating through the “Process” of getting a deal done. The closing process is crucial to all concerned You can put your trust in our hands to manage this process so that the closing is a win for all concerned. The results of the closing must survive to protect our client years following the closing. We excel in making this happen.