Daniel L. Flick

Managing Partner

Dan Flick

Daniel L. Flick

Direct: 214-459-8191

Daniel L. Flick enjoys working with all aspects of financing and selling businesses—more importantly, he is an expert adviser to privately held, closely held, and family owned businesses. With more than 25 years of practical experience owning, operating, and financing his own businesses, he provides the talent, proficiency, and personal touch to help owners successfully manage the intricacies of selling and financing their business.

The son of a founder and owner of a statewide chain of consumer finance companies, Dan grew up working in the financing business from the very beginning. A born entrepreneur, he has formed a variety of successful corporations, each one giving him invaluable experience that has formed the basis for subsequent successful endeavors. In 1981, he founded Inland Mortgage Corporation, a full-service mortgage banking company, and operated it for 10 years. These experiences became the foundation of Dan’s empirical knowledge of how businesses operate. Next, he designed and developed the functional specifications for mortgage lending software for use in Eastern Europe, implemented automated banking and lending systems, and trained foreign bankers on western lending methods while working for the largest commercial bank in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Prague, Czech Republic. This out-of-country experience further cultivated Dan’s ability to successfully work with a diverse clientele in many financial business transactions.

Dan, in 1996, founded, along with partners, another company called CyberSites, LLC, a wireless telecom finance company that specialized in financing wireless build-outs for FCC licensees. Three years later, he formed DSJ Consulting, LLC, a company that provides corporate finance consulting; in 2001, Dan affiliated this company with the Allegiance Capital Corporation, a middle-market investment bank providing mergers and acquisitions services based in Dallas, Texas. These, and other business ventures, have solidified Dan’s financial expertise with entrepreneurial businesses and their associated interworkings.

Knowing that many owners of privately held, closely held, and family-owned and -operated businesses come from the Baby Boomer Generation, and are now at a stage of life to consider estate planning and possible sale of their company to gain liquidity and family security, Dan recognized a great new opportunity to provide valuable financial services. He understands that no amount of MBA and Ph.D degrees can provide familiarity, the know-how, or the skills to professionally and effectively represent and manage every facet within the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) process, including assisting in the decision process, positioning a company for sale, marketing the company to a specific and targeted market, and most importantly, closing the deal while always recognizing the emotional needs of the owner.

With this recognition, Dan formed Infinity Financial Group, specializing in M&A and corporate finance services to owners of privately held, closely held, and family-owned and -operated businesses. Dan’s concept, and the Infinity difference, is to focus on understanding the owner’s practical, financial, and emotional needs, providing senior level advice (no juniors here) throughout the process and closing a deal that makes the owner feel he has accomplished his objectives.

From 2006 to 2007 alone, for service to his clients and their shareholders and families, Dan was responsible for acquiring over $185 million dollars in liquidity. Dan does not just promise services—he delivers results.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, the University of Colorado’s National Installment Banking School, and Marquette University’s National Institute for Consumer Credit Management, Dan has acquired a lot of academic and hands-on knowledge, but he understands that the ultimate success is a happy client.