Credit Crisis Solutions

The financial environment since late 2008 is in the worst condition most financial managers have ever seen. Even well-run companies, including those that have been tightly managed by competent CFO’s, are facing new unforeseen credit challenges every day. These challenges can be compounded by panic among shareholders and banks that refuse to remain cooperative because of their own liquidity problems. The senior partners of Infinity Financial Group are highly experienced in assisting management to stay proactive in difficult times by designing, negotiating and completing financial reengineering projects that require specialists. These include the following:

  • Raise New Capital
  • Debt Settlement
  • Release of Assets
  • Equity Buy-Backs
  • Shareholder Buy-Outs
  • Standstill Agreements with Banks

We work with the Company and its creditors to design and implement a plan that works for all parties.  These issues are very stressful for management.  Engaging Infinity can help resolve these issues thereby permitting management to focus on the revenue side of its business and not lenders and your Balance Sheet.  It’s hard to move forward if you are constantly dealing with  past problems and ever-changing credit issues caused by the chaos in the market. The senior management at Infinity Financial Group has the knowledge and experience to negotiate effectively on behalf of its clients.  As intermediaries we are able to negotiate objectively and bring transactions to closure, thus avoiding conflict between client and lender.  This permits our clients to maintain ongoing relationships with their lenders or new ones, depending on the direction we help take our clients.  Our professional presence provides rationality, reason and speed in bringing agreed-upon settlement programs to a successful conclusion.