Virtual Deal Room for Transactions

Virtual Deal Room pen

The principals of Infinity Financial Group believe the hallmark of a leading edge financial organization is in delivering a superior client experience. At Infinity, we go beyond Customer Service to Customer Enthusiasm. That is why so many of our clients are willing to offer personal testimonials on the value-added services of Infinity Financial Group.

One of our most tangible value-added services is the Virtual Deal Room which is used on behalf of all Infinity clients in the conduct of their financial transactions. This is a service offered by Infinity at no additional cost to our clients.


The advantages to our clients are many:

  • All company data is kept secure at a single web-based location
  • Access to company data at various levels of confidentiality is carefully controlled by passwords issued by Infinity
  • Buyers, financial analysts, private equity groups, lenders, key management, and lawyers working on the transaction can all review and submit work product into the central database from remote locations
  • Such total access is completed without constant visitors, tedious onsite meetings and conference rooms occupied by auditors and confidential data for weeks at a time
  • No distractions for your management team and employees
  • At the end of the transaction, a Deal Room Historical Log is created and saved to DVD for a permanent record of all aspects of the transaction

Thus, our clients and Infinity Financial Group can control the entire flow of the transaction from data-gathering to the successful closing.

How it Works

At the outset, while Infinity is analyzing and writing the Opportunity Memorandum, client financial statements and summary exhibits are transferred to the Virtual Deal Room. Digital documents and scanned documents are required.

These data create a comprehensive picture of the company, from sales and financial records, employee records, legal documentation, customer lists and records, historical trend data for analysis through to audited financial statements.

The total compilation will be reviewed by Infinity, separated into categories and indexed for ease of access by approved outside companies.

The Opportunity Memorandum describing the transaction, once approved by the client, is stored in the Virtual Deal Room database along with the required Confidentiality Agreement. Before anyone can be authorized to access any document, that person will be required to accept a stringent on-line, legally binding, confidentiality agreement. This CA is kept as part of the permanent record of the transaction. Once the CA is accepted by the financial prospect, a password is issued by Infinity to allow the Opportunity Memorandum to be accessed. As the process moves forward, Infinity manages the dialogue, releases additional information through passwords, and negotiates the Letter of Intent (LOI) with the outside financial buyer.

When an acceptable LOI has been received, that too is uploaded to the site and the process of buyer due diligence begins. All data is then opened to review by the buyer and dialogue begins at senior management levels.  All documents and analyses are stored on site for access by appropriate personnel from buyer and client.

Upon having negotiated the key understandings of the deal structure, the M&A attorneys are invited to draft the required Definitive Purchase Agreements. These documents too are stored on the site.

After completion of the successful closing, the entire record of the transaction is transferred to DVD and provided to client for historical records.

The Virtual Deal Room plays a vital role in providing organized, confidential and trouble free access to the required data to facilitate transactions.