Renee Wasula

Director of Internet Marketing

Renee Wasula Direct: 252-229-5277
[email protected]

Renee Wasula is an innovative and cutting-edge internet marketer responsible for creating and implementing online marketing strategies for Infinity Financial Group to increase sales and revenue.  She maximizes the technical and creative opportunities afforded by the breadth of Web-based static and social marketing in order to attract customers to Infinity.  Renee manages all aspects of launching a campaign including the design, development, advertising and transactions.

Renee specifically deals with social networking and search engine optimization to maintain a client base and seek new clients. Renee develops the company’s online marketing plan, conducts research and utilizes the most current strategies in order to position the brand in the marketplace. Renee’s other tasks include supervising search engine marketing campaigns, tracking results, analyzing statistics for Infinity Financial Group but also working with Infinity’s clients when their Internet presence needs assistance in better projecting the seller’s image to the public thus drawing value to their companies.