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Healthcare Company Seeks to Sell 100% of Accounts Receivable Worth $412 Million Company


This healthcare company is a leading provider of neurodiagnostic testing and monitoring for patients during complex surgery and receives reimbursement for such healthcare services billed out-of-network to commercial insurance carriers based on the contract between the insurance carrier and each respective patient.

The company retains a leading nationwide collection firm to manage the full database of patient data, collectibles, ongoing negotiation with insurance providers and collection of billed AR. $427 million has been billed to date, with $15 million (4%) collected, leaving an impressive opportunity with a sizable pool of 96% ($412 million) of the AR yet to be collected.

The company has built a national business but the bulk of the Cases, Billed Amount, Collections and Remaining AR (60%) are in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

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